Fashion Diva!

Fashion Diva!
I think we have some interesting style to look forward to!

Monday, April 12, 2010

First Sale!

I am so excited I made my first sale on Etsy today! Can't wait to post more of them for sale.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy Shop

I have done so much sewing lately, I think I am addicted. I have things I need to be doing, but can't seem to get motivated for them. And....Annika can only wear so many dresses in one season. So...I got the idea to research, again. And decided to give it a try. I love to create, just don't like marketing my own things. Kinda excited about this venture. Hope I can do it justice. I made two dresses yesterday and posted them today along with Annika's crib set that was taking up space in her closet.

I will try to figure out how to post the pictures of what I have done this spring.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

spring sewing

A few weeks ago when the weather was so drury, I decided it would help to start thinking about spring sewing. Annika and I had already been drooling over the new novelty prints at JoAnn's. We went so far as to have our cart loaded down with many that she wanted summer dresses made from. Suddenly I started remembering buying some that were very similar to these last year and knew that I must have them somewhere at home just waiting to be sewn up. We went back thru the store replacing them on the shelf. I told her that we should go thru what we had already and then make another trip with that in mind.

I started digging thru my fabric and got so excited. Last week I made up a couple of coordinating pieces of Dick and Jane. I used the "birthday party dress" pattern from Oliver and S. I used this pattern in a very similar Dick and Jane print last year and loved it. Annika had grown so much over the last year I had to add an addional 4" to the length. I think last year I used a size 2 and this year I used the size 3. I still need to get buttons to complete that project.

I also have a piece of McCalls vintage fabric from their Mother-Daughter line. I haven't decided how to make it up yet. It is a large print, so will take just the right pattern. I would like to use a McCall's vintage pattern, just haven' t found the "perfect" one yet.

I must take a little breather from my creative sewing and work on a "paying " project of a dust ruffle for a twin bed. It is cute fabric, cowboy print. I will enjoy it.